Front , back and sleeve embroidery service available (including digitisation) for either garments supplied by me or by our customers.


As with club badges above prices vary depending on the number of stitches in the design and quantity ordered. However I pride myself on being very competitive in this area and am rarely beaten on quality or price. Lettering (separate from your badge) for the back/sleeve(s) of garments has no digitisation costs and is very competitively priced to embroider. Large Chest or Back embroidery (usually between 50,000 to 120,000 stitches!) is priced between £6 and £8 to complete. As a reference the “Dragon” on the back of the illustrated garment would cost £6.50 to embroider.

Names Below Badges – Price:  First Name only £1.75 per garment.                       First + Surname £2.50 per  garment.

Please note:

I will not copy/embroider branded names or copyright materials without the written permission of the legal owner. “Quotations cost nothing” and I am confident I will rarely (if ever) be beaten on quality or price and I have no minimum order requirements for embroidery!!


Lead Crystal paperweights with your embroidered design, club badge etc inside make a fitting memento or gift. 

Size:  Approx 3” Diameter.


Prices: These vary according to customer embroidery specifications. 

As a “rule of thumb” the cost of the average paperweight will be between £7 and £8 depending on the complexity of the chosen embroidery work.




Club/Company/School Badges

I offer a complete embroidery service including design

(if Necessary), Design Digitisation (design commands necessary to instruct the embroidery machines computer)

and of course the embroidery itself. This embroidery can be direct onto garments or take the form of the production of cloth badges (with overlocked edging if necessary).

Prices vary from badge to badge depending on the number

of stitches in the design and quantity ordered. As a guide

the average chest badge embroidered directly onto a

garment would be around £3.50 to £6. Badges with

overlocked edging sold for sewing on to a garment by the customer would be £1 more.


Any “original” club/team/company design has to be digitised

for computer embroidery machine commands to be produced. There is a one off cost for this process usually between

£15 and £20 dependant on the complexity of the design. Please discuss your individual needs with me for an “all in” quote. There is no cost for digitisation if only lettering is involved.


Note:  For bulk orders (25+ first orders) I operate a subsidy scheme to help offset your design digitisation costs.

No Minimum Quantity requirement and quotations are of course free.